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Side View Train Car
Brass Model of Union Pacific Placid series Sleeper

The Berlin was built by Pullman Standard in 1956 (Lot 6953, Plan 4198) for the Union Pacific Railroad as an 11 double bedroom sleeper "Placid Lake" #1504 for service on various Overland Route trains.  The Placid Lake was frequently assigned to the Union Pacific Streamliner City of Los Angeles.

The following six pages have been copied from The Official Pullman – Standard Library, Volume 14 Union Pacific 1937 – 1958 by Randall and Anderson.

Train Library Train Layout Train Layout 2Train in winter Inside of Train Car Inside of train car 2 Inside of train car 3 Train car diagram 

City of LA Poster

A typical City of Los Angeles train consist around 1956 included:

EMD E9 A-B-A diesel locomotive set
Mail express 5707
Baggage 5606
Baggage dormitory 3107
Sleeper 11 double bedroom Placid Lake
Sleeper 11 double bedroom Placid Dune
Sleeper 4-4-2 Imperial Hill
Domeliner diner 8008
Sleeper 4-4-2 Imperial Club
Sleeper 5-2-2 Ocean Beach
Sleeper 5-2-2 Ocean Bay
Domeliner lounge observation 9009

Promotional Train Poster People in Train car common area 

Train at hub

Union Pacific passenger service ceased with the inauguration of the Amtrak national rail passenger system in October 1970. 

The Placid Lake became Amtrak sleeper #2263 Placid Lake, and continued in service throughout the entire Amtrak system.  Note the Platinum Mist paint scheme with “pointless arrow” window band.

Side view of train car

Train car diagram

Train from front

While in Amtrak service, the Placid Lake was one of 20 cars that were involved in former President Jimmy Carter’s inaugural express train nicknamed the “Peanut Express”. The Placid Lake is the 4th car behind the locomotives. 

Inside of train car

Car #2263 was acquired from Amtrak by the Indiana Railroad Museum in French Lick IN, and ultimately resold to American European Express (AEE), a company that provided luxury rail tours based on the famous European Orient Express train concept.   A major interior and exterior renovation was performed by AEE to convert the car into a luxurious sleeping car with Honduran mahogany interiors and fine upholstery appointments while maintaining its original 11 bedroom configuration.

Aerial view of train

Car #2263 was renamed “Berlin” in accordance with AEE preferences to name cars after famous European and American cities.  The Berlin was one of the original cars in the inaugural run of the American European Express that ran from Chicago IL (through Pittsburgh PA) to Washington DC behind the Capitol Limited. 

American European Express (AEE)  renamed to American Orient Express (AOE) to avoid copyright infringement issues.

Orient Express

Orient Express 2

7 Double Bedroom, 2 Presidential Suite

Train diagram

Aerial view of train on plains

View from train car

5 Master Suite, 1 Double Bedroom

Train car diagram

Inside of train car

-Mahogany paneling in place

-Needs glazing, floor heat hook up, finish plumbing & wiring, stainless steel register covers, carpeting

Room E Murphy Beds
Removed by Grand Luxe

Wood Paneling


- Needs window casement & blind, replace Murphy bed removed by AOE

Train in winter

Capitol Limited    - Feb 2, 2010


Man Sitting





Sanding of walls prior to Satin finish

Sanding of walls prior to Satin finish

Shower installation, new wiring, carpet, seat cushion upholstery

Renovations     Renovations

Interior Design Consultation

Interior Design Consultation

Color Palate Selections

Room C Room F
Room C Room



Stainless Steel Additions

Before After
Before After

Murphy Bed Replacement
with Space Saving Bunks
by Resource Furniture

Murphy Bed Replacement  Murphy Bed Replacement

Murphy Bed Replacement  Murphy Bed Replacement



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